-Marine Ecologist-


About Me

For the past two years, I have worked for NOAA Fisheries in the Office of Habitat Conservation as a Knauss Sea Grant Fellow and now as a contractor. I have had important roles developing restoration projects for fisheries resources to compensate for impacts from the Gulf oil spill. I have conducted assessments of restoration projects to evaluate the biological benefits. In the past I have used complex statistical methods to analyze patterns over space and time, including GLM, Monte Carlo Methods and SDM. My other roles include providing statistical and scientific expertise, developing briefing and outreach materials. Much of my work involves management and coordination of working groups, including creating project development plans and schedules for product completion. Additionally, I have broad expertise in other areas of marine ecology and have worked across a variety of disciplines including, biological and physical oceanography.​
As a graduate student I worked on a diverse set of projects focusing on benthic invertebrate species. I worked intensively to understand environmental factors that influence rates of species invasions and the characteristics of invasive species that allow them to successfully invade habitats. This line of study as brought me to investigate climate change, pollution, human use of resources and other system stressors. ​ I am fortunate enough to have a beautiful wife and two little boys, who won't be little for long.
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